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Monday, December 03, 2007

It is been a long time

It is been really so long. I am not sure if there are any readers to this blog anymore.

I wanted to write several time but I was just so lazy to do.

I have been pressured in work like I never did. Although part of me enjoys it as it is close to what I wanted to work, yet on the other hand it is more tiring and more stressful than any job I had before. So it is this dilema, you have something good and it is your career ISA but on the other hand I am more stressed and tired.

Funny enough, that what was bothering me these days ( I dont know really why) that I was thinking of how can I manage work and my personal life when I get married ISA. Seriosly what people do?

Anyways, I was thinking for sometime in a certain charity work and I have no clue on how to do it. I want to help people especially the mothers of orphans or poor mothers to learn a skill and find a job where they can be self earners. Some of these families are already sponsored by some of my friends who pay them monthly payments. But I feel it would be better for them and the community that they would find a skill where they can earn money by their own. To help themselves and at the same time to help the community and the economic situation. Also one more reason that I found that the number of families and cases that need money and monthly payments are seriosly countless. No matter how you invite others to share or pay , it is still not enough at all. So if there is any mean where you can help a family to be self independant this will definitely reduce the burden.

Then comes the next level, what kind of skills or projects you can help by these cases, when most of them are unskilled and uneducated. So you see .. it is a big issue.. needs so much effort and organization from so any people. But I would love to contribute in such an activity. ISA I will one day.

Hope all is going well with every one. I missed everyone in the blogs.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back to blogs

Finally I managed t get back to the blogs. I tried several times to write and this new version :). I dont have a google account and i had to make one in order to login:).
I missed writing. There is nothing new except everyday work. It seems that there is nothing new after work. Your typical day doesn't change for years.

In college, I used to feel by progress there is something I am looking to.. but now they are all the same .. bas elhamdAllah I quite enjoy it. Work is a bless .... cant imagine that I would have a lot of plenty time like that. I cant make use of my spare time. I mean I have things to do but they are nice and enough to be fullfilled in the after work time and in the weekend but not more.

Anyways this is just a start , I will try to post back soon ISA.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The other face of diamond

I watched a movie, two days ago, starting with Leonardo Di Caprio called " Blood Diamond". Well I am not a regular viewer for movies, and when I watch a movie, I try to pick it away from being horror or action, but that was nice.

Although it had too much killing and I jumped to the chair beside me several time, but it was too true, that I liked it. The movie for whom they did not see or hear about is talking about a country in AFrica where it has a lot of diamonds. And the troops are fighting and killing each others, not only that they tortue each other so as to control on the mining process of diamond.
You can see how they burn homes, cut people's hands, millions of refugees and thousands are dieing.

On the other side, a famous jewlery dealer is taking an advantage of the situation there, where he buys from the invading group the diamond.

Without getting too much into the details, but while I was watching the movie, I kept on saying " ElhamdAllah", " Thanks God". The fact that this happens in a way or another in different countries and the horror people feels and live in.
I realized that moving in the street and sleeping safely is itself a bless for so many in different countries who are always in terror.

While I wa jumping to the next chair beside me because of hearing too much bombs and closing my eyes to avoid seeing intensively too many cars were shot and burned in the movie for no good reason except that they are not among their group.

How many in the real life jump and feel by horror for hearing Real bombs hitting down their houses.

How many in real life are refugees after they had homes and families? Now they lost everything.
I felt so grateful and thankful to God for all the things that might upset someone or may dissatisfy him/her is not comparable to what these people feel.

The other thing that astonished me in the movie, that people were fighting too much for a piece of diamond to the extent that they would risk by their own lives for some bunch of money. I know it may sound naieve for so many. But honestly, how much does this diamond worth beside risking by your own life? Thinking of the others who died and the millions of refugees and thousands who died. Does it worth it for them ? I can't figure by what calculations they assumed that some bunch of money regardless of how much it worth would be on the account of all of this. The human beings lives are cheap in comparable to that extent.
Aren't we all leaving that one day ? We are not going to take any of them when we die, nor it worths to live the extra luxurios life in the world in compare to make people safe and happy.
I am touched by this because again this happens in the real life but in a different version.

I realized while I was watching a movie, how good things can tun to curse. Because this country had so many diamond, there was too many killing and poverty for its citizens. Maybe if it did not have diamond, they would of live a better life.

One last thing, i guess if this movie is by anyway related to be true, it is not worth it to wear a diamond ring, showing ir off, on the expense of lives and shed by so many blood.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Facts of life

Yesterday while I am at work, I found my best friend signing in on the MSN. I strated talking to her, and she didnt answer. I found her colleague telling me that she left as her grandma just passed away.

I was shocked! Not because she wasnt sick. But because I know for fact how much the grandma represents for E. (my best friend) a lot. I myslef love her so much. I have a lot of memories with her. My best friend is my friend since we are 8. And Actually I started to get to her grandma and auntie family by 10. She used to live beside the club. We used to go from the club while we are going home to her. We stay some time there. My best friend used to love her so much, and she meant so much for her. I remember many days we spent just going there to spend some time with my best friend and she can stay some time with her grandma. I remember when we used to go in summer to Alex, and we stay at her house. How she tried to get from me a daily report of what we do so as to make sure that everything is ok. :) She was very kind and I felt by so much sorry for her. May God bless her soul.

For a fact of life, that we always ignore, that we are one day will age or will not age but we will die one day. Things in life that we mind ourselves too much will not mean anything one day. The too much shopping for a suitable shoe, or the argument that I had with my colleague will not count. All that wont count anything. feeling sorry for things ... should be recalculated. What counts at the end is the good deed. That is the fact of life. Even when we forget that it is actually too short. And one day we will just leave it. What will count is our good deeds. May God accept them and help us in doing good deeds and forgive our weakness and sins InshaaAllah.

Sorry for the sad post but not really sad elhamdAllah.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Busy and not Busy

Since I started my new job and I am very busy. My God, I am not used to these long working hours. I used o leave work by 4 30 PM and sometimes 5:00 PM, sometimes 6:00 PM. But these were exceptionals. Now I leave by 6:00 PM and this is the normal thing. Oh No! I feel like when I go home that i am speachless:) cant do anything.

I want to get used to the effort , so i can resume my life. Seems that anything I need to do, I delay to my weekend.

It is been a month and half now working these long hours, ISA I will get used to the effort soon.

I need to resume my post graduate study
I need to review the Quran,
I need to go to make some excercises... as i gained weight lately:(((. The last thing I want. I will retry to go after work immediately to walk in track or play tennis, instead of going home and then I get lazzy.

what else, I need to do some social and charity activities.. i feel good when I do that.

Monday, September 25, 2006


الحمد الله الذي بلغنا رمضان

اللهم بارك لنا في هذا الشهر

All at at a sudden I found Ramadan is comming this year and as usuall all Muslims feel by so much cherich towards this month. We look forward for it in the whole year.

What can I say ? I Wish if all the months of the year were Ramadan. The gates of pradaise are opened and the devils are chained. In Ramadan, the one good deed is rewarded 70 times more than any month all over the year. In this month, there is a night more greater in virtue than a thousand monthsAll. That night where the first verses of Quran descended to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the first time. This is a month, the first of which brings Allah’s mercy, the middle of which brings His forgiveness and the last of which brings emancipation from the fire of Jahan-nam.

Muslims are united in this month. Fasting and doing the same worship together. People of the same time zone fast at same time and eat during dawn all together. Most of muslims during this month go for long prayers at night. Ready for doing more charity more than anytime during the year. Willing to make fetar (meals ) during dawn for poor people and for their relatives as well.

In Egypt, almost every body is making charity food bags in order to be distributed for poor people. Almost in every street, there is a dining table sponsored by some, who make nice meals for the poor people and the passing passengers to eat from during fetar.

All the mosques after the esha prayer are fullfilled with people of all ages (men and women, old and young and children) comming to pray the prayers after the the 3esha and praying God that He would accept their fasting and accepts their repentance and fogives them and asking for the countless good things He has to give for them.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Been very upset lately about what is going on. The feeling of humilation and torture hurts me. Can't believe how some people have hard hearts and no mercy to do for others that. To hurt and abuse ..for the sake of nothing but hurt and torture and abuse ..dont they have mercy in their hearts? Are their hearts made of stones? How can some one bear to humilate and hurt some other person and sees him /her screaming from pain and they keep in going ?

The scenes and the photos can hurt any normal human being. It is not what is going only in lebanon ...it is about what going everywhere. We can't go on in our lives, just as we are fine and enjoying our lives ..ignoring the others..cant figure what we can do ..

Donate ? yeah it is a good idea to supply food and medical care ..but would it stop violence? Would it make people and children sleep safely without waking up on bombing their homes and screaming from burned ?
would it make people feel safe from invaders dragging people to prisons and torturing men and women

would it stop the hurt in the mothers' hearts for loosing their children ?

Cant do anything but praying and praying that God would remove this disaster from our heads

Pray everyone that peace would be spread and help lebanon and every victim of injustice.