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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Many Blessings we do have , elhamdAllah (Thanks God)

Yesterday, I saw a famous movie called " Fedex" starting by Tom Hanks. I really like this actor.

The man " for those who didn't see it " was in a plane which was crashed and he swam in the sea for a long time till he was settled in an Isolated island, where no single human being was there , not even a cat or an animal breathing beside him. How Lonely !

The man tried by all means to find ways where he can drink juice from fruits, ..then how he tried to make fire from the wood friction which wasn't an easy task for him at all. And how he celebrated happily when he managed to make fire where he can get some heat and cook his food. Then having pain in his teeth and he had to remove one of his teeth by his own, how painful!

What was very touching when he got really depressed and he found in one of the fedex bags , a football , and he draw a face on it and he made for it some hair.. and he started talking to it as if it is a a toy. He even called it " Simon" . And he kept talking to him (it ) every while. And he started feeling like it is a real comapnion. he would of forgethow to talk if he didn't do that.

He was kept in this state for four years! Then he managed by some stuff to make a small boat made of the tree wood with no walls, but there was sail of wood that he managed to make.

And finally he took this boat and when he was in the mid of the sea , a large boat saw him and took him back after these four years

Fogot to say that while he is in his boat , he took the ball with him , and was talking to the face he did as " Simon" that it is almost there !!!. And when the ball fell off in the sea , he cried and kept on calling it " Simon". My Godness! elhamdAllah " Thanks God"

Sob7an Allah " Glory to God" , there are things that we take by default and we don't feel by how much it is a bless and meaningful for us , because it is so simple , but so important to our lives ...The so many blessings that God is giviving them to us every day and we don't thank Him enough for it.

The most touching bless I recognized was having faith , speaking to God, worshiping Him , asking Him to get you of that ...knowing that there will be hope as God is here and He hears our calls and can get us out of anything EnshaaAllah (God's will )

The second thing is the companion , how we forgot that.

The bless of having a companion who ever, a friend, a family, a colleague ... makes a difference .. This man when he made the ball as a toy , his spirit was lifted up ... has all the right for that.

Even if it was a cat .. but some one breathing and communicating , what ever the communication is ..but needed. I understood why Prophet Adam , peace by upon him , when he was created he felt lonely while he was alone , and so Eve was created to be his companion.

So many blessings we take for granted and we don't stop and think of it , because they are so simple and taken by default.

When he was rescured . he held the fire light , and how it is turned on so easily , he kept in doing that few times....how simple it is now ...and how it was a bless for his when he managed of doing it while he was alone with no resources.

"And if you would count Allah's favors, you will not be able to number them; most surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. "(An-nahl : 18)