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Saturday, August 27, 2005

A quiz at Shop Girl Bog

This quiz became lately very spread in the blogs , it was originally in Shopgirl's blog , I answered it as well , here it is

Three names you go by:
*my first name

Three parts of your heritage:

Three things that you don't like:

Three of your everyday essentials:
*My coffee
*Staying in touch with my family and friends

Three things you are wearing right now:
*A trouser
* A T-shirt
*My ribbon

Two truths and a lie:*
I belive In God and his Prophet Mohamad (PBUH)
* When a door seems to be closed , another opens in our life
* Everything is constant in our life

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you:
*Dressing Nice
* Warm voice
* Dark Neat hair

Three things you just can’t do:
* Can't stop thinking
*stop worrying (hopefully I do )
* Ignoring

Three of your favorite hobbies:
*Playing tennis
*Internet surfing
* Making silver jewlery

Three things you want to do really badly right now:
* Calling some people I lost contact with
* go to sleep
* Have my dinner

Three places you want to go on vacation:
*Detroit / Disney Land
* France
* In Egypt (Hurghada and Sharm)

Three things you want to do before you die:
* Do my Hij
* To get married and be a mother for well brought up kids ISA
*To be Forgiven by God and from the people who have rights on me
* To memorize quran ISA

Three ways I am stereotypically a woman:
* Unrealistic
* Sensitive

Friday, August 26, 2005

SO what do I want to be in three years ?

A question that I was asked in my application to fullfill while I am doing an interview , and it was from the questions that I didn't like , because if I said the true answer , they will simply not going to take me.
I was applying in one of the PR positions , and I am planning hopefully that I complete my post graduate studies and try to either catch in a descent job where I have completely different work than the PR thing, or to catch up woth one of the private universities and start teaching.

Actually , last year I was interested in so many stuff that I tried and I found myself much more interested than the routine job , I tried this scarf business that I liked a lot, but did not succeed:( but still like it and it was a nice experience for me aferall.

I also tried to design some silver jewlery and make some (as a hobby that I liked for myself )and I sold some to my friends , and my aquaintances, I planned to take it as professional one , but after the exams , i get bored from the whole stuff.

Teaching , I consider it to be a very good option for girls and women , especially when I get married and have kids in the future ISA, it will be a very suiting job for me. Working hours are fine , vaccations are ok , salary wise could be fine.
I thought like I mentioned if I can catch up in private university or to take a certain course that qualifies me for teaching the IGCSE students , but still not now , I want to concentrate on what I am doing right now.

The other thing , for what do I want to be in three years or see myself to be ? I see myself a mother for good children ISA, I found that all these stuff are non sense for the reader of my application , so I had to say and write things that they see it matching with what the are going to like and get impressed with.


Sometimes , I wish if I have an eraser and erase somethings that I said or I did. And sometimes else , I wish if I can erase situations , but that at the end is God's will that you have no hand in. It is God's plan that He wants you to be put in a certain situation or to pass by something even if you don't like to examine us.

But what I feel bad about and I wish if I can erase are things that I do and say and then afterwards when its result is just too bad and not as I expected. I feel so bad because this was in my choice and not a matter of fate. Here I feel that I need an eraser so that I wont feel nervous from myself or blamming myself or even feel guilty.

It is a very bad feeling that you feel blamming your self , and nervous on How I said so or acted like that ! The point is before you realize what you are doing , you feel you are doing great and then after a while when you wake up , you get the worst feeling ever, angry from youself. It is worser 100 times than getting angry from someone else , Because when someone upsets you , you either try to get your right back by all the means and you know that God hears our call and knows what happens so this brings peace to my heart.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Help out

I have had this discussion with my dentist, who was telling me that there are certain types of food that I should not eat as long as I have a high probability that my teeth would have caries. The discussion was about soft drinks and how difficult it is for me to stop these types of food, and then it moved to the boycotting issue, and then what is the effect of buying all my needs from imported products rather than local products, and how this might effect the economy and thus the rest of community.

Regarding the economy and people (business makers) are trying to get the easy profit. Why don’t they instead of buying the franchisee right, opt for trying to do something original on their own,?

Why don’t they try to have their own stuff and improve it, that might improve the economy in the long run? We don’t have the intention to create something of our own!

Weird enough, even the Burger restaurants , coffee shops, scarves , so many are imported , amazing I never thought about most of my scarves , are made from different countries , mainly China.

We buy automatically the cheaper thing (Chinese for ex.) without thinking that this will consequently effect the value of the Pound and how it will go down and the prices will go higher. We think about it on a very personal level. “I” want to pay less.

We can instead buy some local products, especially that the quality of some local stuff are improved, such as TV sets and VCRs , even if not top quality, or a bit more expensive , but the sacrifice might worth the benefit in the long run. It would encourage manufacturers, after all they need to cover their costs.

so why don’t most of the people go on buying the local stuff even if they are not as luxurious as imported ones for the sake of improving the economy.

He told me you may not feel it harmful for you in the mean time, but some others in the rest of community may do. Even if the local products are little more expensive, but this extra expense you may not feel, but in the long run, if large number of people favor to buy local products even if not as luxurious as the imported ones, this will lead to a better economy in the long run and the value of currency will improve and the rest of community will feel better in the way we live.

I had an idea before but was not done perfectly because it was done on the spur of the moment and the market plan was not done perfectly.

My idea was to sell some of the scarves (produced here in Egypt ) to any foreign country who have Muslims but don’t have much excess to scarves and even if they do, they are very over priced if compared to the prices in Egypt because of the currency value.

I tried with my friend and with one of my acquaintances in one of the foreign countries , but unfortunately it did not go as we expected because we did not study the market properly , but still I see that the idea is good and could be of benefit to some scarf industries in Egypt, shops . If it is done by many and in a larger scale , it can have a good effect, also it definitely needs proper planning and proper studying of the market in the country to know their needs and thus provide it to them

Just brain storming here, wonder if anyone has other ideas.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Does higher salary make you happier ?

Will a Bigger Salary Make You Happier? it is an article written By Kate Lorenz, CareerBuilder.com that i read on msn today , actually the title caught my eyes as i was discussing it while i was saying that i am looking for a job and it sounds pretty importnat for me that the job gives me good experince and good pay as well.

here it is below :

In today’s consumer-driven society, it’s often assumed that bigger is better (the popularity of the Hummer as a city car is a prime example). So of course, many Americans may believe that the bigger the paycheck, the happier they will be. However recent research suggests that this just isn’t so.Are Rich People Happier?The latest buzz in the field of economics points to a myriad of studies examining the link between happiness and wealth. These studies all seek to answer the question: Are richer people happier? Prevailing research suggests no.Obviously if you’re living in poverty, more money probably will increase your level of happiness. But if you are at a good job that supports your lifestyle, would leaving it for a 20 percent salary increase at another company mean a 20 percent increase in your happiness?Not according to Richard Layard, director of the Centre on Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and author of Happiness: Lessons from a New Science. Layard cites research that implies that although the United States has experienced extensive economic growth since 1950, people today are no happier overall than they were in the 1950s. And this same theory holds true in other wealthy, developed nations, such as Japan and Britain.It Isn’t Easy Being Wealthy It makes sense. With added wealth often comes added stress and increased responsibility. There’s a reason surgeons and stockbrokers make a lot of money, because there is a lot riding on their performance and decisions. And usually the higher your rung on the corporate ladder, the longer your workday and the more stressful your position. So although we have become wealthier as a country, we have not necessarily become happier.Then there’s the slippery task of defining what “wealth” is. Like most things in life, wealth is a relative term. No matter how much money you make, if everyone around you makes a lot more, you won’t feel “wealthy.” So hanging hopes for true happiness on an extra zero on a paycheck could make obtaining happiness very elusive.
.in your life in other ways: take up a hobby, start your own business, or train for a marathon. You may find being richer doesn’t make you happy; rather, being truly happy makes your life richer

My Comment : is that it is true , some of my colleagues who were having high salaries , but quite stressed , especially women , were tired and stressed , and the way that made them to get out of this boring and stressful life was a hobby that they like for example writing poetry that they love ormaking jelwlery or what ever they feel they are into.

they told me something nice , that they feel that they need to do the things they want to do for their own enjyoment only and without any obligations.

My best friend also used to work in a place where she used to go at home by 9 and sometimes 10 , she used to love her work but actually she had suffered from so much instability in her home life , she was in dilema that she misses her family and she doesnt see them much.

Of course i am not encouraging that people wont be ambitious , no at all , i belive that we should go on and be ambitious , but to be content by what we have now , because maybe harder jobs can take from you your peace of mind, so till it happens enjoy what you have now.

Having slef content and Reda is one of the sources of happiness, as prophet Mohamed (PBUH) said in a hadith that means if some one woke up and he finds what he eats for his day and he is sleeping safely in his home and in a good health , then he does not need any thing else ( sorry i may not be properly translating it )

Monday, August 15, 2005


i have been working for few years from now, and i was not fully content by the things i used to do at work.
i was quite frustrated and i wanted something new to feel self fullfilled and being creative a bit.
well things moved on seeking that things would be better, sometimes it used to be better but mostly , i felt that i can learn much more in some where else.

so i decided to start in my masters so as to find something nicer to learn and thus improve my chance in working in better areas. At the begining , i felt that my brain was rusted , been years since i opened a scientefic book and i had to read articles and i should process very quickly , after a while i get used to that , it was a sort of lubicating the mind

Still working in my masters , i decided to change work ISA, and trying to do my best , i did not stop searching in all the searching engines , ask all those i know. recruitment offices , every thing, been two months searching ,

been with several interviews lately, seems that my demand for the job is too high , i want a good job and with a good pay as well , actually i am not loking for an extreemly high pay but an acceptable one , that i feel by difference in the work shift and at the same time better job as experience.

it is a dilema , actually , that i found two very interesting posts and seem to be like who i am in one of them , but their pays are not really that good, one of them is more than my current job by something negligible and on the other hand , more working hours and one day off
and the other i will have a less pay than the current one by also something negligible but still more working hours , but such a great experience and the field i like the most , seems to be nice .

i know that i can just go on but i should feel some how rewarded so as to be encouraged especially that i am not a fresh graduate any more.

My parents are telling me not to waste my time in looking for a new job and try to concentrate on my post graduate studies so as to catch up if possible in one of the private universities. Actually i like teaching , but i feel it is a long way to go.

Still looking and looking , and i am doing what i can , and hopefully things turn to the best ISA.

Some ideas

After the charity post , some commented and gave me some ideas , especially blog ME (that is her name )that i liked her idea a lot.

1- haal said that we should start simple and spread the word , and put the rest of food after every meal in a platic dish and give to someone in the street who give it some one needy
2- some others stated that they want to give out some in kind contributions rather than money , in egypt, there is an organization that accepts all inkind contributions (clothes, furniture, medicine, sheets) and distributes to poor families or they make out exhibitions in poor areas. the most famous for me is resala organization. www.resala.org
3- the third i dea that i liked the most is from a blogger called Me , who said that she collects the extra medicine that people buys for a certain purpose and then afterwards they dont use , and could be left till expired. actually i experience that sometimes especially with vitamines. And vitamines are indeed very essential and important in some treatments , the doctors prescribe it with the regular medicine .

well i am calling any oneto share by his own or with blogger Me in that medicine thing, because actually medicines are a great problem , they are extreemly expensive and some times unavailable.

Friday, August 12, 2005


The Tv and the media every now shows and announces for pictures everywhere in the world who are very poor and at most very sick and dont have enough food, their bodies are so fragile from being hungry.
i wish if i can have enough money and know the means by which donations can reach them. i know there are several NGOs, and professional and internationsl aentities that help out here in egypt and in allover the world, especially in africa.

sometimes i feel guilty when we just throw fod becasue we are not anymore into it and i see these pictures of these hungered people.
sometimes we just ofrget about the food and till it is spoiled and gets rotten , because it is in excess
and sometimes else we say no , we wont eat something in the refrigerator for more than two days which will actually nor really taste nice after wards , but there are some others who wont really mind , they would be happy because something will keep them from hunger , they have no other choice.

i am writing this post as a call for any who reads it , to try to give a hand , i dont know or have any clue of how internationally , i mean to those in south africa, but inside the country , there are alot of means to help.
we may instead of throwing the remaining food into the basket or wait till it has no taste to get some plastic closed dishes and put them in anice order and cover and give it to any one in the street , like little kids . or those who clean down the street.
i am pretty sure that there are some NGOs that know some poor areas , we can helo through them.
But what i am talking about is that we should be self efficient ourselves in our resources and not to have waste and there are others and who dont find this waste.
If any one has any suggestions of how we all make a help , and change please go on.