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Friday, October 21, 2005


To my bloggers friends , I will be away for 2 weeks enshaaAllah , and then I will start blogging after I return back enshaaAllah , take care and happy ramadan and Eid Mubarak in advance.

BTW, my birthday is tomorrow so this means I will be turning 27 ISA and this means that I am getting Older :( No big deal.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A nice Song

I bought a tape for Sami Yousef , a singer who sings Islamic songs. I felt very much touched by the first song to the extent I was about to cry , I don't know why ? maybe the words , the music , the tone , it all touched my heart .

The song is called " My Ummah" its words touched me ....

This is the first part of the song " the first few sentences "

My Umman , my Ummah
He will say, Rasululah on that day
Even though we stayed from him and his way

My brothers, my sisters, in Islam
let's struggle, work and pray
if we are to bring back the glory of his way

The rest is also great ! and the song is even more touching. The fact that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) will say that on the judgement day and how much he suffered for us from torturing , how much he loves us ISA. Looking forward that when he sees us one day ISA , he would be happy by us. Ya Rab

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I said before about a religous speaker who is well known in the Middle East and he is gonna talk about the prophet (PBUH) story in Iqraa Channel , now I opened his website in the english section and I found the first 5 epidoses are translated into English , maybe the translation would be a head behind the TV ...becuase of the time taken for translation and editing.

It is great actually for those who are interested , check here http://www.amrkhaled.net/acategories/categories161.html

Sunday, October 09, 2005


I hanve been klukked by jane to do this , write 5 random things of me, unfortunately i don't know how to upload photos or else i would of done because they were of been nice.

1- I have been born in Egypt and after 20 days we moved to Jeddah where I spent my early 5 years of my childhood there, can't recall much. But my older sis and my brother do , we are still in contact with our freinds who were there with us in the building who are considered to be from the nicest people we may ever met.

2- I love playing tennis and watching it , I had a dream when I was a child to be one of the Grandslam heros of tennis, and because I joined the tennis 11 years old , I felt like I was old to achieve this dream so I quited the tennis thing to return back to it when I am 20!

3- I learned to be some how optimistic and I am trying to be having a real sort of dependance on God so as to have a hope for the future and that the dreams would be fullfilled or else it would of been very depressing.

4- I am 26 and I am turning 27 soon ISA, and still I feel so young , and my family , my friends ...even those who are younger with me deal as if I am a baby ...so what is that?

5- I love my family so much and love my nephews even If I am not good in dealing with kids ...but really love them., and looking forward to have mine ISA

well I will recommend doshar, loulou, me to do it

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The first day in Ramdan is gone , and i feel like time is running and I wish if I can invest in it from doing as much as I can in this month. Time is so precious indeed all the time, but maybe we feel it more in Ramdan month because of the extra blessing in it, trying to seek forgiveness and praying God.

Yesterday I saw in the TV, in one of the programs , one of the religon speakers, actually he is very well known in The Middle east " amr khaled ". The man was in a progrm before ramadan as well , he has an influencing capability that may effect people easily, actually he said something very nice in the progam, that the reason that he has the capability to influece the youth generation and those who are brought up from a certain standard .. because he is actually close to this group in terms of age and standard , that is why he feels our needs then ,....so when he addresses us , he doesn;t sound like some one who is so far away , who doesn't know of any of the temptations or thoughts that cross our minds.

Frankly, yes ,when some one advices you by something like " You should and You should not" and doesn't know about the other needs the other person is actually havng or his /her points of weakness, makes the communication much harder and more rejecting to accept the advice.

He will be starting a program in ramadan on the Prophet's (PBUH) story in Iqraa channel, maybe he would have an english translation for it later on his site.

I read the prophet's story before in some sort of detail, but I believe that I need to reread it and hear from some one else as a teacher so as to have a deeper focus on his personality, what he passed through and learn from his behaviours in the different situations he passed through in his life, ...because he is indeed, the one who we should look up for.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Getting very close

Only one or two days at the most and Ramadan will come , ISA , it is a month that Muslims wait for , where the rewards are multiplied and God's forgiveness and mercifulness is the most.

Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said when one Ramadan came:

"A blessed month has arrived. Observing it in fasting is mandated on you (the believers). During this month, the gates of Paradise will be opened and the gates of Hellfire will be closed. The evil ones (Shayaatin) will be handcuffed. In it there is one night, during which worship is better than worship in a thousand months. Whoever is denied its blessings has been denied the biggest blessing." (Ahmed, Nasaae, and Bayhaqi)

People everywhere suppress their own needs in terms of foood and drink till the dawn , not only in terms of food and drink , they try to behave as descent as possible , trying t behave in the proper behavior that Muslims should conduct so that this wont offset their fasting and to take the full reward from God. It is a great feeling of unity of how all the Muslims all over the world are doing the same good deed at the same time and enjoying the God's blessing ISA of that month.

The only One who knows that you are really abstaining is Allah, the Almighty. It is easy to pretend to be fasting; while in hiding, you may eat or drink. Thus, fasting is considered a special worship.

It has been reported by the way of Abu Hurairah (raa) that the Prophet (PBUH) reported that Allah (SWT) said in a Hadith Al-Qudsi:

"All services of the son of Adam are for him except fasting. It is for Me, and I will reward him for it."

Fasting is a shield. On the day you fast, do not use obscenity, nor yell at others, nor act ignorantly towards them. However, if anyone abuses you verbally or attempts to draw you to fight with him, say 'I am fasting' two times.

Knowing that, that the reward is much more in Ramadan , People run in doing chraities and feed poor people during their Fetar meal at the dawn. They pray for longer times (taraweeh) night prayers , worshiping God by all means. Even though when we invite people and relatives , we renew our intensions that this is fostering the relations between relatives and we are feeding fasting people as well.

It is an amazing feeling how much is good inside us and we try to run after each other , racing on how much we can do from the good deeds and that God would accept them ISA.

In Ramadan, People who behave and encouaged to behave well and do good deeds should be some how got used to the discipline behavior and try to act in their same behaviors or even close to it, after Ramadan ending, because we are all the year and forever God's slaves.

I can't wait for it to come ISA, and looking forward to make use of it peoperly enshaaAllah and that God would help me in that and hoping that all our needs to be fullfilled and for all the Muslims all over the world. And that God would accept us ISA.