enough analysis!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

And I thought that I have changed

it is been a while since I wrote, actually I have no time what so ever, I mean it! My working hours aren't bad, but I just have too many things to think about that even hinders me from doing my daily activities.
It will just take time ! I guess

Any ways , my work so far I like it elhamdAllah , and the team work I have are cooeprative and I like the management style , so far , every thing is fine elhamdAllah. Actually I am working now for a month or maybe a bit more, and I got attached with the place and the people.

In my previous job, I wasn't willing to leave for a long time , even though this wasn't good enough for me , but I was emotionally attached with the place and the people as well to take such a move. And when I decided to change and I was insisting on that , ..after I got bored ... I though that I am changed and I become more practical and I think professionally on wha is the best for me for my career and putting the emotions aside !!!

Few days ago, a well known organization called me for an inerview , I found myself consulting the people and myself that it is better to stay in what I am , and what I am in is the best , ( even though if there is a difference in the salary) but no much difference in positions, beside I feel more at ease with the people I a with now and I feel ok and I know that I am not kind of person who wold throw her personal life and feelings for the sake of the professional work.

SO it seems that I am still like before , but hopefully after a year , I won''t say ...what did I do ? :) I guess not , I feel now more but what i do more.