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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Our Prophet prayers and peace be upon him

Too many discussions and debates were going on these days about this issue. People are indeed shocked from both sides. The Muslims are shocked that some one can dare and mock in the public media on our prophet PBUH and they know how much he is valuable to Muslims and religon to them is no way of to be taken as a joke.

I want to stress on something that we don't idolize him , we only worship God, but we believe of him and that he is messenger of God and same for the rest of prophets,peace be upon them.

The freedom of speach, should not lack respect in general and to religons specifically. Not in particular Islam, but I was shocked to see that the west media acceptings unappropriate drawings for prophet Jesus , peace be upon him which is something totally inacceptable as well

.... That is why the West Media was stunned from Muslims reactions. I guess they don't value prophets as much as they should value or put them in their proper ranks that they should have. They can't realize how much religon is important and should be ranked as a priority and respect.

Some people come and claim that the awful cartoon which was drawn was due to the minority of the Muslims violent reactions !!! Doesn't that show that they are quite close minded? We do criticise the zionists, but do we blame prophet Moses peace be upon him on that ? of course NO.

I believe that NON of who criticized him or made the cartoons themselves know anything about him on the first basis.

Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) trusted the Jews and gave them all the rights of citizenship in Madinah, guaranteeing that no one would harm them, take any of their money, force them to convert, or intercede with their freedom to worship. He was great in co-existence when he was against using the Muslims loyal to him in Makkah to create tension among the people of Quraysh, even during the war between Makkah and Madinah

And more and more about his great character. He was known in Mecca before being a prophet by the " Honest".

We love him so much for all what he suffer and torturing for the sake of calling people to Islam and to deliever the message of God. wants .... MAy he would be proud of us ISA and won't be upset of what we did after his death. God ordered us of following him and loving him .

Even though the dark side and the ignorance I have seen lately but I am happy by the ORGANIZED peaceful acivities that are done by Muslims in response to defend our prophet PBUH like what Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) had done , by making organized activities of an awareness on our prophet PBUH, http://www.cair.com/muhammad/

And AMrkhaled web site as well www.amrkhaled.net
Hope this would make better awareness and education about his character