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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Very interesting

I was looking at one of the islamic sites, that I like the most for it doesn't only show spot lights in Islam as fundamentals, but also but it gives wide views and news about what is going on these days in world.

Today , I opened the site where I found this new, about a US non profitable organization which showed from a survey done how the west is very biased towards Israel. What was shocking two things, first being a US and second is the results that were displayed... they were indeed heartening. here it is below .... what do you think ?


Friday, May 19, 2006

Now as there was some problems in the division that I am working in. And they are presenting a proposal on how to reallocate the division and the staff to other departments. I found a good opening , suppose to be ISA. It is in the same place, but different department, suppose to be a higher one than I have these days. It is suppose to be of higher responsibilities as well. Well for anyone in my situation would just try to apply ( I don't know for fact if they will accept me or not).

But I mean as long as I am not sure yet whether my job in the previous department will remain and the situation is all ambigious. So this may sound rational. Except for the fact is that I am very emotional towards my previous place and I have hope that it would continue even if it was a step less than this one (new opening ) and of less pay.

I feel happy by the management flexible style , teamwork colleagues.. everything. It is not like I am having too much contact with my colleagues in the whole day.. but the general atmosphere is descent and fine. Having a good morning smile in the face of every one..less bossy style ...less anxious .. good teamwork , those who are seniors deal in friendly way. This is far away from what I expected in the egyptian management system. (well i know that for some one this maynot count for him/her but in fact it does count a lot for me)

Well the one who was in the other post told me frankly that he didn't like neither the management nor the team that much .. that is why he jumped out once he found another post. This is beside that the added responsibilties means added work burden ... but still amn't I limited to the 8 hrs of work daily?

Anyways, frankly if I am sure that the team is good enough, I would of go for it ...because it is a more guranteed position rather than the unfigured situation we have now and at the end it is good that I would promote in a way or another.

Is it it weird that I am that emotional ? Things really make difference with me. Couldn't belive how some one like Loulou for example , who had to bear complete isolation from her team for the sake of her career.

Anyways, I made a prayer of estekhara and I will apply anyways, and ISA God will lead me to the right path.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


I was inspired by Aisha's post and Ash's comment on losing identity in married relationships. Actually talking is much easier than the real life.

Aisha was saying that some people when they get married, their personalities change and they get isolated. Ash's comment was very interesting that if one of the partners gave up everthing and he/she gave up his/her identity for the sake of the other partner, he/she will have a suucessful life but never fullfillig. .... These words ring a bill to me for some reasons.

I consider myself a bit active, i have my working life , social life, volunterring activities, even my hobbies .. I consider this is all part of me. When i was engaged , even before troubles happen between me and my ex , but I used to feel having good relation but neither fullfilled or fully satisfied. . My friends and everyone was complaining that I became thinking of nothing but him , I gave up all the things I used to do .. no activities at all and i get isolated a bit and he became the center of my thinking.

I didn't really mean to do that .. but just happened to me and I was wondering why am I not fully satisfied? The answer simply is that there are so many aspects in life. Of course there is prioritizing but we should not go to one aspect in life and ignore the rest. For most we should have a role in our community we are living in , our families, comunity in general , towards ourselves, our friends. Each has different priority in his/her life, but definitely life should not be all about waiting for a phone call or going out with my partner. Partners indeed make difference , they are the Sakan " settlement " that we seek by getting married..but we should never overlook the othersides in life that we should think of , in terms of worshipping God.

I thank God on everything, ElhamdAllah. I feel that during this period I get in contact with everything back. I hope that when I get commited again ISA, I would be doing fine .... and not losing my identity.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Double Standard

Now the Paletsine was encouraged to be a democratic country and to have a democractic and now Palestine people are just punished for their democratic choice and electing Hamas! Isn't that redicilous? How come ? encouraging the democratic election and on the other hand forcing sanactions and pressuring people and cutting from them any sorts of aids to change their election choice, or in other words .. to punish them for their democratic choice.

Ok so why they didn't go and announce , we wont accept to elect Hamad loud and clear and if you did , you will have sanactions instead of this meaningless act!

you can visit this http://www.islamonline.com/cgi-bin/news_service/middle_east_full_story.asp?service_id=11249

and know more about what happens to Palestines.