enough analysis!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Ambigious situations

Sometimes I get woried over things and I try to make things easy on myself by too much analyzing ...talking to myself and convincing myslef that this is because of .... Or I try to make myself calm a bit and I tell my self stop worying and thinking too much. What is meant to be is gonna be no matter what ..so stop thinking in an aimeless thing, knowing that it is not gonna let me change anything. Hope everyhing would be good and to have a real sort of dependance on God ISA.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Is that Iraqi feedom or Iraqi terror?

I don't understand how the US is lieing and they actually believe their lies. They envaded Iraq and they called it " Iraqi Freedom". And they said that their war is not targeting the civilians and those who were been shot on the civilians was all a mistake .. that was in year 2003!

And since they invaded Iraq and it is all terror ! They are causing terror for Iraqi people by all the possible means. It wasn't enought thay they exploited its resources, but they had to drag Iraqis for torture and murder.

The scandals issued day after day in the press of what the US army did so far for the civilians ..didn't make a strong push what so ever.. that the US government releases whether the prisoners or to leave the whole government in peace.

What fault did the children , women , men did to feel by such terror in their homes daily.

An Iraqi woman was going to have its maternity in the hospital where the US army shoot her ... saying that she entered the worng zone !
Who said and decides that this is the wrong zone ! It is their country for God's sake

The American congress and Prime minister of Israel said that they want peace ! what Peace

May God help them out.