enough analysis!!

Monday, July 24, 2006


Been very upset lately about what is going on. The feeling of humilation and torture hurts me. Can't believe how some people have hard hearts and no mercy to do for others that. To hurt and abuse ..for the sake of nothing but hurt and torture and abuse ..dont they have mercy in their hearts? Are their hearts made of stones? How can some one bear to humilate and hurt some other person and sees him /her screaming from pain and they keep in going ?

The scenes and the photos can hurt any normal human being. It is not what is going only in lebanon ...it is about what going everywhere. We can't go on in our lives, just as we are fine and enjoying our lives ..ignoring the others..cant figure what we can do ..

Donate ? yeah it is a good idea to supply food and medical care ..but would it stop violence? Would it make people and children sleep safely without waking up on bombing their homes and screaming from burned ?
would it make people feel safe from invaders dragging people to prisons and torturing men and women

would it stop the hurt in the mothers' hearts for loosing their children ?

Cant do anything but praying and praying that God would remove this disaster from our heads

Pray everyone that peace would be spread and help lebanon and every victim of injustice.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Donate with blood ?

Today at 5:30 am , one of my friends called me , whom i didn't have much contact with in the last year, and i was stunned that she is calling me at 5:30 am. whe i answered , she told me whether i know someone with blood group O negative as her aunt is bleeding for three hours now and they can't find her blood group. I didn't know and it was too early to call any to ask , so i told her to go to some blood banks that are well known in Cairo, she replied that they already asked in all those banks and they couldn't find because it is a very rare group.

I couldn't realize how come that the hospital that her aunt is taking her med care doesn't have bood reserves for all the groups, and how come all the banks i mentioned dont have any of this blood group. what if (and it is )an indeed emergency ..a surgery or what so ever!

I opened a medical care hospitals guide and i strated to call them and all advised me that there is n't any of this group and they mentioned me these banks that my friend already contacted them before.

STILL can't realize that ! Whenever I hear about donating for blood , i feel careless towards donating because i know that there are many who does that and there are many blood banks and it is not the severe volunteer action because there are so many who does that already .. till today.

I realized how important it is and how much it is appreciatable that someone whould donate with his/her blood in this sitaution. And how sometimes underestimated actions can save peoples' lives even if we dont realize how great is this action or underestimate it in compare to other volunteer and charity activities.

NOTHING to be underestimated. We can never know with whom we can help with this simple action.