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Monday, December 03, 2007

It is been a long time

It is been really so long. I am not sure if there are any readers to this blog anymore.

I wanted to write several time but I was just so lazy to do.

I have been pressured in work like I never did. Although part of me enjoys it as it is close to what I wanted to work, yet on the other hand it is more tiring and more stressful than any job I had before. So it is this dilema, you have something good and it is your career ISA but on the other hand I am more stressed and tired.

Funny enough, that what was bothering me these days ( I dont know really why) that I was thinking of how can I manage work and my personal life when I get married ISA. Seriosly what people do?

Anyways, I was thinking for sometime in a certain charity work and I have no clue on how to do it. I want to help people especially the mothers of orphans or poor mothers to learn a skill and find a job where they can be self earners. Some of these families are already sponsored by some of my friends who pay them monthly payments. But I feel it would be better for them and the community that they would find a skill where they can earn money by their own. To help themselves and at the same time to help the community and the economic situation. Also one more reason that I found that the number of families and cases that need money and monthly payments are seriosly countless. No matter how you invite others to share or pay , it is still not enough at all. So if there is any mean where you can help a family to be self independant this will definitely reduce the burden.

Then comes the next level, what kind of skills or projects you can help by these cases, when most of them are unskilled and uneducated. So you see .. it is a big issue.. needs so much effort and organization from so any people. But I would love to contribute in such an activity. ISA I will one day.

Hope all is going well with every one. I missed everyone in the blogs.