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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back to blogs

Finally I managed t get back to the blogs. I tried several times to write and this new version :). I dont have a google account and i had to make one in order to login:).
I missed writing. There is nothing new except everyday work. It seems that there is nothing new after work. Your typical day doesn't change for years.

In college, I used to feel by progress there is something I am looking to.. but now they are all the same .. bas elhamdAllah I quite enjoy it. Work is a bless .... cant imagine that I would have a lot of plenty time like that. I cant make use of my spare time. I mean I have things to do but they are nice and enough to be fullfilled in the after work time and in the weekend but not more.

Anyways this is just a start , I will try to post back soon ISA.

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