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Monday, December 11, 2006

Facts of life

Yesterday while I am at work, I found my best friend signing in on the MSN. I strated talking to her, and she didnt answer. I found her colleague telling me that she left as her grandma just passed away.

I was shocked! Not because she wasnt sick. But because I know for fact how much the grandma represents for E. (my best friend) a lot. I myslef love her so much. I have a lot of memories with her. My best friend is my friend since we are 8. And Actually I started to get to her grandma and auntie family by 10. She used to live beside the club. We used to go from the club while we are going home to her. We stay some time there. My best friend used to love her so much, and she meant so much for her. I remember many days we spent just going there to spend some time with my best friend and she can stay some time with her grandma. I remember when we used to go in summer to Alex, and we stay at her house. How she tried to get from me a daily report of what we do so as to make sure that everything is ok. :) She was very kind and I felt by so much sorry for her. May God bless her soul.

For a fact of life, that we always ignore, that we are one day will age or will not age but we will die one day. Things in life that we mind ourselves too much will not mean anything one day. The too much shopping for a suitable shoe, or the argument that I had with my colleague will not count. All that wont count anything. feeling sorry for things ... should be recalculated. What counts at the end is the good deed. That is the fact of life. Even when we forget that it is actually too short. And one day we will just leave it. What will count is our good deeds. May God accept them and help us in doing good deeds and forgive our weakness and sins InshaaAllah.

Sorry for the sad post but not really sad elhamdAllah.